Useful Sources For Dog Moms

Useful Sources For Dog Moms

Dog Moms and Dog lovers alike will find the list of resources helpful for a healthy puppy that is well fed and behaved and a productive member of the family. This also is the core of responsible dog ownership or pet ownership. These will also come in handy in training your dogs properly. Many new pet parents and pet owners struggle with adopting the right methods for raising the new member of their family. These should be useful for all dog breeds including rescue dogs.

It is a combination of a resource to track the proper development of your fur child and for making a timeline of memories that you can go back to anytime you like. There is a basic ID section, you can post their 1st picture, add the date of birth, or the date you brought that cute furball home. The growth tracker is a useful section to make sure your fur baby is progressing well.

You can add medical records in the ID section also. Next is an exercise tracker, essential to ensure the proper development of pups and bedrock of health in later years. The feeding tracker helps to make sure the new puppy is well fed and stays healthy. The elimination tracker helps record when your puppy needs to go to help in bathroom training.

Webmd has a great collection of articles and tips for both new and seasoned Moms and parents. The great thing about the content here is that it is very well structured. From preparing for your puppy to puppy training, moving to puppy health this resource covers it all for current and soon-to-be Moms and Parents.

Finally, has a comprehensive section on vaccinations for your pup. Which vaccination to get your fur ball, and equally important, when to get them as well. You will find all the needed information here.

The American Kennel Club has excellent all-round resources. One area of concern is figuring out nutrition for their pets. What dog treats are healthy for their puppy, feeding times, and quantity are important questions to get reliable answers to. This lengthy article provides extensive information and even further resources for answering these important questions.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) is the oldest humane society in North America. It is also one of the largest in the world. The information they provide on nutrition is well structured and organized. It covers the needs of pets of different ages and the various elements of nutrition.

From feeding and weaning puppies to the diet requirements of seniors, there is useful information for all parents here. has a comprehensive list of resources for dog parents. This includes an excellent article on what to feed your dog, with details on different kind of diets for Dogs. The overall nutrition requirements for dogs, how these differ across different sized canines, and also the needs of senior dogs are all discussed in depth. This is an ideal resource for dog parents to get a crash course in good nutrition common sense.

Happy mothering!

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