What Makes a Dog Mom Special

What Makes a Dog Mom Special

Shout it out to the world “I am a dog mom”.

Yes, you go girl!

Over the years, people have wondered about the nature of a dog mom. What makes YOU so special?  This question has been bugging people since a while now and I am here to answer it.

Surely, having a dog is a wonderful feeling but how can owing a dog be different than being a dog mom?

Well, simply put, when you owe something, it becomes a possession, a thing. A dog mom knows their dogs are “fur babies” and that is what makes them special and a different breed than dog owners.

The emotional attachment when dog mums and dogs are concerned is on an entirely different level.

Unlike pet owners, having a dog for a dog mum is not just a hobby, it is their life. The importance that little (or even big in some cases) ball of fur has in their life is limitless.

A dog is the source of happiness for them. Ask a dog mum what keeps her going on those tough days?

Yes, I thought so.

Did they say their dog?

Well, I was already expecting that!

Another thing that makes them stand out is they TREAT their dog like a human.

That’s true.

It is true the dog can’t really talk back, but it is also true that it understands you. Moreover, it will never judge you so you can vent about all your worries and tensions.

A dog mum is special because she never fails to celebrate and show off her fur-baby. Be it a party of a simple walk in the park, you can always see dog mums boasting about their babies.

Furthermore, the party never stops. All little milestones are celebrated.

Dog mums swear by the fact that their dogs save them. Be it emotional or mental support, their dog is always there for them.

They are special beings because they feel lucky by being a mum to their fur of joy and happiness.

In the technology-oriented world of today, where people hardly have time for their children or spouse, being a dog mum is no less than an achievement.

Being a SU-PAWW-WOMAN is no joke, and I salute for that!


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