About us

Thank you for wanting to learn more about Mater Canis. We started our journey in June, 2019 bang in the midst of the Covid19 Pandemic. We spent a few months gathering our thoughts and figuring out where to start from. Finally, here we are. Who let the Dogs out! Arf.

We are still far from the finished product and hope to keep improving with your support and feedback. We hope to put a smile on your face and have a lot of fun along our journey together.

So, why you ask? We are particular consumers ourselves, and often times find ourselves wondering if we would have to make something ourselves to get it right. Like you, we like a bit of sarcasm, a bit of humor, and a bit of cheek. We want to make you laugh, and grab that phone to post a photo and tag all your friends. Spread the good times! Give us a thumbs up if you love what we do.
If we fall flat on our face in our attempt to do that, please let us know and we promise to make it right.

Lets all enjoy ourselves, shall we?.

Please email us at info@matercanis.com or join us on our Facebook Page below.

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