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dog mom wearing blackliving the dog mom mask
dog mom wearing blackliving the dog mom mask
dog mom wearing blackliving the dog mom mask
dog mom mask
dog mom mask
dog mom mask

Living The Dog Mom Life Fabric Face Mask

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If you are a dog mom then this “Living the Dog Mom Life” face mask is perfect for you. You can cover up in style with this customized mask especially designed for dog parents and Dog Moms. This “Living the Dog Mom Life” face mask will help you express yourself even when you cannot show your face.

  • Breathable, Soft. Two layers of cloth.
  • This face mouth mask is reusable and washeable. Reduce spending and eco-friendly.
  • The ear belt is soft and elastic. Suitable for most face shapes.
  • Note: Non-medical masks.
  • You can wear the dog Mom mask to go shopping, biking, hiking, climbing, and so on. Protect yourself during your outdoor activities
  • All orders are custom made. Our production time varies from 2-3 days.

They are not medical-grade and are not meant for medical use.

Great for everyday use for overall protection.

These reusable cloth face masks made of 100% Polyester provide a physical barrier around the face

    Having a dog is a lifestyle that every dog parent loves to show. You love your dog so much and want to show your love for these cute puppies, why not express your love even when your face is covered!

    It’s time to show your love for your four-legged baby because you’re so much more than a regular dog mom! This “I am not a regular mom I am a Dog Mom” mask is a great way to add puppy love. This lovely mask will create a style statement for dog moms everywhere.

    These beautiful masks serve as statement pieces, creating a personalized style perfectly showcasing The Dog Mom Life!

    Do you know what is better than being a dog-lover? Letting the world know you are one. We at Mater Canis know how much fun custom masks can be when you are taking your dog for a walk or spending a lazy Saturday afternoon with them! How about a nice mask to wear which keeps reminding you of the bundle of joy that your very own ball of fur is?

    And the good news is:

    We have just the thing for you. This "Living the Dog Mom Life" mask is a sight for sore eyes and is a visual treat!

    Captured your interest too, hasn’t it?

    The light material and pretty monogram make it a perfect choice for a dog mom Mother’s Day gift. Better still, gift it to yourself. 

    Shipping times vary by destination. USA orders take 2-6 Business Days. International Orders take 10-30 days. Please add production time of 2-3 days to average shipping times to estimate arrival of orders.

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